Save the Rennets

What are they?
Rennets are small hamster like rodents which are intensively factory farmed and slaughtered for the production of cheese.

We can all put an end to this cruelty. Show your support and help us Save the Rennets. Click here for information on how you can help

Buy a Rennet

Coming very soon.

For as little as £ 6 (plus £ 3 for postage and package) you can buy your own Rennet. Rennets make great pets and you can make a statement by ordering one (or more) now.

Rennets require love and care for every day of their life. Children should not be given this responsibility and it is the job of a responsible adult to ensure that the rennet is properly cared for. Rennets do make excellent pets and will bring you lots of joy whatever your age.

Your new friend will arrive in a small box. It is highly recommended that you purchase a cage first and have it all ready and set up. Clean the cage to prevent any diseases which may be on the cage. For the first few days cover the cage with a large towel to keep the rennet in the dark. This should reduce stress for the rennet as will not disturbing your rennet for the first few days to allow it to settle in.

There are many types of cages available to buy. We would recommend that you get the largest cage you can afford with your money because this will pay towards the happiness of your rennet. Always buy your rennet a wheel (a nice large wheel preferably), water bottle and one or two bowls for food & fresh greens. Provide fruit tree branches to gnaw on. The metal bar cage is the most common rodent cage. This type of cage is excellent for first time rodent owners.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the sex of your rennet. Obviously it is important to know the sex of your Rennet as you may want to choose a name for your new friend. It is often difficult to sex very young or small rennets. Sexing a rennet requires great confidence in your handling skills.

To sex a rennet hold its scuff and turn it over and support it with the other hand. In females the vagina and anus are very close and appear to be one opening. They also have a rounded body and are smaller than the males. In males the distance of the opening of the penis and anus is further apart than in females at about 12mm, their body is longer and larger and they have broader shoulders and visible scrotal sacs.

You will soon be able to order your new friend through our secure server. To be first in the queue you can register your interest here.

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