Save the Rennets

What are they?
Rennets are small hamster like rodents which are intensively factory farmed and slaughtered for the production of cheese.

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About us

We have just made most of this up. Rennet is added to cheese but it is in fact the stomach of slaughtered newly-born calves. Make you think doesn't it? Mooo!

The enzyme rennin used in coagulating cheese, is obtained from milk-fed calves. After butchering, the fourth stomach is removed and freed of its food content. After this the stomach goes through several steps including being dry-salted, washed, scraped to remove surface fat, stretched onto racks where moisture is removed, then finally ground and mixed with a salt solution until the rennin is extracted.

There are however two major sources of chymosins for coagulating milk: from animals and from different kinds of fungi. In addition there are now chymosins derived from genetically modified microbes. In the latter case, copies of the genes responsible for chymosin production are isolated from calf stomach cells and incorporated into the genetic material of yeast cells. These can be grown on an industrial scale and the chymosin isolated.

Cheese which is not made from an animal source of chymosin is clearly labelled as Vegetarian. However you might want to consider the main ingredient of cheese which is milk. Visit

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